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Hastkala, or हस्तकला means हाथ से किया गया कलात्मक कार्य. Translated in English, it means an artistic creation done by one’s hand. This idea is embedded in our brand and its values, where we celebrate, admire and recognise these rich, elegant artistic creations made from some of India’s deepest and oldest diaspora of craft-based artisans. Hastkala is one of Mumbai’s leading labels for products that are made from traditional techniques, skills and that are deeply rooted in our heritage. At Hastkala, our belief is to keep India’s rich heritage alive through our offerings of traditional sarees, trousseau sarees, paithani, kanjivaram, ethnic jewellery and much more. With over 24 years since it’s founding, Hastkala now has over 10 outlets in Mumbai and has become a familiar name for female ethnic fashion. A division of Dream Business Ventures Pvt Ltd, Hastkala has other sister brands forayed in different segments of the retail industry.

The Founder

Born in a modest village situated in the deep interiors of Kutch, Gujarat, Mr. Pravin Chheda has come a long way to establish himself as one of the upcoming retail moguls in Mumbai. At the age of 21, he set up his first ever store for a collection of exquisite sarees in Thane. An artist and photographer by passion, his unique vision, creativity and unwavering quest for excellence has driven and transformed the company to make it’s space in the retail segment. His belief from his first venture has been to offer not only a product to Hastkala’s consumer but to provide a grandiose experience which is embedded in Hastkala’s values. He aspires to see every woman have at least one saree in their wardrobe, keeping alive this priceless art and heritage of ancestral India. Being the founder of Matushree Gomtiben Eye Hospital, one of the top 10 eye donation banks in India, he constantly strives for social benefit and progress.

The Vision

At Hastkala we celebrate India’s heritage, and endeavour to bring this priceless art of India to people around the world with a purpose to give recognition and sustainability to the lakhs of weavers in this country.

The Mission

To strive hard towards providing quality products and culminating services to each and every customer.

To become the go-to brand for all clients for ethnic wear for all their family, traditional and festive requirement.

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